Hollywood: BAFTA nominee Adarsh Gourav says comparison with Dev Patel is not fair.

 Adarsh Gourav has been nominated for the movie "White Tiger". He has said that it is not fair to compare him with Dev Patel. Dev Patel is very much experienced and has got a nomination for Oscar awards also. Adarsh Patel has recently debuted in a leading role with the White Tiger of the Ramin Bahrani. Rajkumar Rao and Priyanka Chopra have also done work in this movie. 
Posted On, 24-03-2021
  When Adarsh asked about comparison with Dev Patel, he said Bollywood Hungama, "I think it is very unfair for anybody to compare me to somebody like Dev. I think Dev is a very accomplished actor, he is very successful and has a vast body of work behind him. He has been nominated for multiple things over the years and this is just my first film.”

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